Buying a house. What’s the procedure and how does it work?

It ultimately begins with the budget you have to spend on a new home. There’s a whole host of sources you can turn to for general advice on a mortgage including the internet, your bank, as well as a range of mortgage brokers. However, it is the specialized mortgage advisor who is best able to calculate the mortgage that suits your budget.

  1. Attis van der Horst has long experience in negotiating the best deal for home buyers. We know what you as a buyer have to look out for with regard to price and the conditions of the contract. We are normally able to negotiate a lower price for the property for you. We discuss the strategy we intend to take with you beforehand and, of course, keep you updated on how talks are proceeding.
  2. Once agreement has been reached the formal sales contract is drawn up covering everything that has been agreed pertaining to the transaction. The contract is usually drawn up by the selling agent and is carefully read through by us and adjusted where necessary. In the event the seller does not have an agent, we can draw up the sales contract.
  3. We also arrange any work required from a civil law notary. Immediately prior to the official change of ownership, we conduct a final inspection of the property to check whether it is actually in the state you bought it in. We then accompany you to the civil law notary to ensure this process is conducted properly and, of course, to congratulate you on your purchase.