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Buying a house is often one of the biggest investments in your life. A fun and exciting event, but at the same time there are many uncertainties and you want everything to go well. That’s why young people are increasingly choosing to be guided by an estate agent.

Purchasing brokerage Attis van der Horst & Judith Cornelissen have developed a unique package of purchasing advice especially for first-time buyers: the Starterscoach. The Starterscoach is not just one person; it’s an initiative that includes the three most important parties in the buying process: the estate agent, the financial adviser and the notary.

You can therefore speak of an all-in-one package, offered ready for use and at a very competitive rate. With the Starterscoach you can even save up to €2.500,- compared to the costs of separate guidance from the various professionals!

The Starterscoach can justifiably be counted as one of the most successful initiatives of purchasing agents Attis van der Horst & Judith Cornelissen. Countless young people have already benefited from the unique advantages of the package and can look back on a successful purchase, stress-free thanks to the certainty of complete professional guidance.


The purchase process: who does what?

Several experts are involved in the purchase of a house. Below is an overview of what the professionals involved in the Starters Coaching Package do for you.

The real estate agent

We will assist you in formulating your wishes on the basis of which a so-called ‘residential profile’ is created. With this profile we can help you with your search for your ideal home. If you think you have found it, we will inspect the property from top to bottom. We will examine whether there is any contamination, whether there are any legal peculiarities and whether the house is structurally sound. If we have reason to doubt this, we will discuss it with you and possibly recommend a follow-up investigation by a specialised company.

Of course we assess whether the asking price is realistic and give our ideas about a reasonable purchase price. In addition, the conditions imposed on the sale, such as the date of transfer or any repairs by the seller, are very important.

In short: within the Starterscoach package you receive full purchase guidance from an expert specialist.

The notary

The ownership of the house purchased by you is established by registering the deed of transfer in the land registry (Kadaster). The notary takes care of this. Before the deed is drawn up he or she will check who the owners are and what legal peculiarities there are with regard to the house.

In addition, the repayment of the seller’s existing mortgages and the drawing up of the mortgage deed (and all related activities) are part of the notary’s duties. If you buy the house together with your partner, it is advisable to have a partnership contract or a will drawn up. In this agreement you lay down, for example, how the common property and any surplus value of the house must be divided if the partnership ends. In a will, you also determine who your heirs will be.*

*These services are not included in the Starterscoach package. However, a discount applies in combination with the package.



To be able to use the Starterscoach package, the coaching must relate to your first home and the cost price of the home may not exceed € 250,000. Furthermore, you can make use of all the services within the package, but you don’t have to. Don’t you meet all the conditions? No problem, make an appointment and let us inform you about the other possibilities.

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