Purchase Mediation

Buying a house actually starts with the budget you have available for a new home. For mortgage advice, you can go to many places such as the Internet, a (your own) bank or mortgage brokers. The specialized mortgage advisor can, based on your specific situation, indicate the amount of the purchase price.

4. The result of the viewing: the viewing report

After the viewing we will draw up a viewing report.
The following issues, among others, will be discussed:

  • The results of the preliminary investigation such as cadastral data, environment, zoning plan and of course the assessment of the house itself.
  • The realized sales prices of comparable homes in the neighborhood.
  • The estimated value of the property at this time.

5. How will negotiations be conducted?

Purchase brokerage Attis van der Horst & Judith Cornelissen have a lot of professional experience with negotiating. We know what you need to consider when it comes to price and conditions in the negotiations. We will discuss the negotiation strategy with you in advance and of course keep you informed of progress.


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