Sales brokerage

If you want to sell your home, there is a lot involved. In these ‘turbulent times’, a good estate agent is indispensable. He or she can give you good advice about the expected proceeds, the asking price and can take a lot of work off your hands.

By discussing everything in advance, selling your home will be a lot easier. For this we can, through our good collegial contacts, refer you to a fellow sales agent that suits you.

Combination rate

These days it is wise to buy a new home first and then sell your current one. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming homeless. The supply of new homes is currently less than the demand.

Purchase brokerage Attis van der Horst & Judith Cornelissen has negotiated a special combination of rates with a number of estate agents in Nijmegen. If you choose one of these colleagues for the sale of your current home and choose us for the purchase of your new home you will receive a discount.

That way you have 2 specialists working for you.