Moving checklist

The checklist below can help you plan your move.

Two months before the move

  • possible rent termination
  • request days off at work
  • transfer the phone
  • Give schoolchildren a note informing the head teacher of the plans to move
  • request information about the schools in your new neighbourhood
  • Take the measurements of your new home and make a plan accordingly
  • order carpets and curtains

Enkele weken voor de verhuizing

  • send change of address cards
  • cancel gas supply to old house and apply for new house
  • cancel the water supply in the old house and applying for the new house
  • mailbox cancellation and request
  • inform the bank
  • settle insurances
  • notify the health insurance fund via the health insurance card
  • inform doctor and dentist
  • inform the town clerk
  • inform school or schools
  • sign up children for new school
  • have a name plate made
  • make an appointment for cleaning the new house
  • save old newspapers and boxes
  • make an appointment for the collection of bulky waste

Send change of address cards to

  • family, neighbours, friends, acquaintances
  • peers
  • relations
  • doctors, dentist, pharmacy
  • veterinarian
  • home nursing service
  • health insurance fund
  • church
  • notary
  • bank
  • insurance companies
  • insurance intermediary
  • garage
  • associations
  • union
  • tax authority
  • Central Office for Motor Vehicles
  • employer

Subscription changes

  • Daily newspapers
  • Weeklies
  • magazines
  • broadcasters
  • senders of catalogues and prospectuses, for example
  • book club
  • written courses
  • mail-order companies
  • shopping service