Why would you hire me as a buyer’s agent?

Your interests first

If you want to buy a house, in the vast majority of cases you will have to deal with a selling agent. No matter how nice he or she is, this professional has only one goal: to make you pay as much as possible for the house.
Purchase brokerage Attis van der Horst & Judith Cornelissen exclusively looks after the interests of the buyer. Our office has no properties for sale, therefore there will never be a conflict of interest if you like a property from the portfolio of a selling real estate agent who also does purchase counseling.

Exclude risks

The selling party has a duty to provide information, but the purchasing party has a duty to investigate. This means that you have to ask questions about – and investigate – the characteristics of the property you wish to purchase, not to mention the living environment. We know exactly what to look for when assessing a property. We therefore offer you the security and the overview that should precede every large investment.

If you are not careful, you run the risk of making a bad purchase.

De juiste aankoopprijs

Saving time and administrative hassle

When buying a house, there are a lot of things to sort out. We look at everything that is relevant, such as information about the condition of your home, price developments in the neighbourhood, land registry information, building permits, zoning plans and redevelopment plans / decontamination plans.

Moreover, we will assist you in the administrative part of your purchase. For example, we will check the deed of sale carefully for the agreements made and adjust it where necessary.

In short: Purchasing brokerage Attis van der Horst & Judith Cornelissen will save you time and energy without you having the feeling that you are missing out on important things!