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Purchase broker

How do you buy a house in today’s housing market? And what should I offer? How do I make sure I don’t overpay and what should I pay attention to when buying a house? We have answers to all these questions.

  • Specializing in one line of business: Buying houses. And that makes us the only one in the region.
  • We give honest advice and listen to your requirements. But we will also tell you if something is not possible.
  • We understand you and your needs: we like to put ourselves in your situation.
  • We never have the house for sale that you want!

Leave it up to us

We tell you: Why it’s a good house or not, the value of the house, what a competitive offer should be.

A buying agent is there to represent the interests of the buyer. We have knowledge of the local housing market, insight into data and know where the opportunities are. We can help you through the process from searching for a home to handing over the keys.

Ask us for the conditions
  • All-in-one package deal
  • A fixed and competitive fee
  • Certainty

Our way of working


During an introductory meeting you tell us what you are looking for and what your expectations are.From the type of house to the neighborhood you want to live in, from the number of bedrooms to the energy label. We are even curious to know if you want a south-facing garden or a garage to park your motorcycle.

Search assignment

Viewing opportunities in Nijmegen are sometimes limited, so responding quickly is crucial! With our search system you will receive the offer just a bit earlier than Funda.


Found a house? Then we will plan a second viewing as soon as possible. During this visit we will point out details that you may not have noticed during the first visit, but which are decisive for your choice and the price of the house. We will tell you what we think the house is worth and what is needed to buy it. We also investigate the architectural aspects, land register, zoning plan, environment, municipal issues and the owner’s association.


Fallen in love with that nice house? We will first discuss the negotiation strategy with you and the desired conditions. If our strategy and conditions are clear, we will make the offer to the selling broker. Because negotiating without emotion is just a little easier. Of course, we always keep you informed of all developments.

Purchase agreement

Our offer is accepted! The agreements are recorded in a purchase agreement. This document also contains the conditions we have agreed upon. We make sure that the contents of the purchase agreement are correct and go through this document carefully, so that you know exactly what you are signing for.


Together, we first walk through the house one more time to check if everything is working properly.
After this, we go to the notary to officially sign the deed. Once the deed has been signed, the seller will hand you over the keys.


What does a buying agent cost?

We use a fixed fee and no starting costs!

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Buying a house for the first time?
Exciting, but fun at the same time!

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments in your life. That’s why many young people are increasingly choosing to use a buying agent. We are happy to help.

For starters (with a purchase price up to €250.000) we have a special rate.

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Buying a house in Nijmegen

We see the most houses of all estate agents, therefore we know the housing market like no other. With our office in the city center, we are close to everything.

  • One fixed price
  • No start-up costs
  • From search to key transfer

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